Saturday, September 28, 2019

Izzy's Last Adventure

We finally took another trip. It was a long time between the June Campout with the Happy Tennessee Travelers and our trip up to the Hershey RV show.

After our last big trip in May, we had pretty much decided that Izzy, our Dynamax Isata 3, just was not big enough for longer trips. She lacked interior as well as exterior storage. Since we also travel with our dog and cat, it was just too uncomfortable, and so the search for a new rig began.

Hershey seemed the logical destination since the annual RV show was approaching, and so we headed out in Izzy.

After 3 days, we arrived in Hershey a couple of days early. It gave us some time to stock up the fridge and pantry, go to Hershey Chocolate World and just prepare ourselves for searching out all the different RVs that interested us.

We actually thought we would end up with a Newmar, because of the quality. Unfortunately, they didn't have a floor plan and storage that would work for us.

We also looked at the Coachmen Mirada. It was nice, but seemed way to big and still that external storage didn't seem to be enough.

The one that grabbed us? The Winnebago Adventurer 27N. It had the accessible exterior storage and floorpan that spoke to us. On Friday, September 20th, we took delivery in Syracuse, New York after a visit with family in the Buffalo area.

Izzy? Izzy was traded in. Bye, Izzy.

You can catch our adventures in our new rig, Wandering Wanda, here

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