Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Camping with a Group!

While in Perry, Georgia at the Family Motor Coach Association convention, hubby and I joined an FMCA chapter, specifically, the Happy Tennessee Travelers. It's not a huge group, but it is pack with lots of fun members.

This past weekend, we spent it camping at the Clarksville, Tennessee RV Park. We had so much fun. The food, oh my. Our Saturday evening dinner, hosted by Debra and Glenn Joyner, was a low country boil. I swear, I ate a pound of shrimp along with all the other good things.

Friday night, there were severe thunderstorms, and it took part of a tree down onto the cab of a truck with a 5th wheel. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and Saturday morning, after clearing the limb, the owners were able to drive off in their truck, hauling their fiver!

There are a lot of people who enjoy games. I played two new ones to me - Sequence and Jokers and Pegs. Some people call Jokers and Pegs, the Dirty Board game. Both were games of strategy and I enjoyed both immensely.

Sunday night we spent in our RV dealer's lot, waiting for an early morning service call. The fascia I broke on the slide the first week of ownership, has now been replaced. Clips were installed on a couple of the the screens, to hold them in place, and we now have the return of our little light that shows we are connected to electricity. The drawer under the dining bench seat was repaired, only to have that fail on the way home. They were something I had to have mainly because the interior storage is sadly lacking. I am hoping tips I received from other Dynamax owners will prove effective.

As always, I am glad to be home at the S & B place, mainly to enjoy the pool in the Tennessee heat, and think about the next trip.

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