Thursday, November 29, 2018

Let's Talk RV Dealers or Not All Dealers Are Created Equal.

We ordered our first RV and the Tampa RV Super Show in January of this year. We went to check out all the different Bs and B+ models that we could find. So when we made our decision to order our first RV at the show, we were handed off to a dealer that had a reputation.

We actually thought we got off to a good start when we got a phone call from them once we returned home. We were advised at that time that if possible we needed to pick it up by the end of the month they notified us. Okay, we thought, we can do this.

We were early for our closing appointment. And they kept us waiting a little longer. The person who did the finance closing was pleasant enough - probably because of the money we dropped. However, she and others kept reminding us that we were a courtesy delivery. We knew when we bought that we were not going to return to Florida from Tennessee to have warranty work done. Not at that dealer. Top that off with a salesman assigned to work with us who could not remember my first name to save his life.

So, we were wary when looking for a new vehicle. The first dealer was nice enough, but we were not going to get enough from our trade to make purchasing feasible. And they were honest enough about that. The vehicle, which hubby preferred had a part that was broken on the seat in a brand new vehicle. Did the dealer do it? Was the factory that careless?

The second dealer was A & L RV Sales, in Christiana, Tennessee. We looked there last year because they had a class B vehicle that looked interesting. While there we looked at a couple of small Class C vehicles, one a Coachmen and the other a Dynamax Isata 3 series. We didn't seriously consider them because of sleeping arrangements, which probably was a mistake at the time.  This year's experience was terrific. We met our salesman, Tim DeVine who was a real pleasure to work with. They gave us a better price on the Dynamax than we were expecting and a better price on the vehicle trade. When we closed on the vehicle and given our walk through, it was a very pleasant experience. We were introduced to the Parts & Service departments and expect that we will be treated fairly and politely when we take our vehicle in for service.

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